Why our third camera is a GOPRO

As a professional producer of corporate and educational video, choosing cameras is a very serious business. Our prime consideration has always been value for money around which we have taken into account functionality, future proofing (as much as one can in this business) and cost.

To date we have settled upon the Panasonic AF101a as our main workhorse backed up with the Lumix GH4 which will give us if and when required 4K. Both cameras share the micro four thirds lens system and we are therefore able to swap lenses. The down side to these cameras is that they are cinema graphic and not really intended for run and gun shoots.

I had considered the GOPRO some time ago but was put off as at that time my understanding was it was a fish eye wide angle lens and used its own video format which needed conversion before mixing with other camera clips on the editing time line. This is no longer the case and the GOPRO Hero5 has exceeded my expectations not only does it now offer 4K but also a choice of lens angles from superview, wide, medium, linear and narrow. The quality of video that it produces is excellent and for us being designed as a quick autofocus camera with little sign of focus hunting it fulfils many applications within our business . Here are a few.

  • Great for hand held shots of two people talking/walking face on towards camera. good quality video with no focus issues. You would of course need to use a sound recorder as although acceptable for fun shots the audio is not of the high quality needed for drama or corporate shoots.
  • Great for low level shots of  plants insects etc. I did some random shots at a National Trust venue using a selfie stick and slowly pushing the camera through groups of daffodils also picking up pollinating bees.
  • Time lapse is a breeze with the GOPRO, it was designed for this and as it is waterproof you could set it up on a balcony for example and get great time lapse shots of cityscapes, sunsets etc.
  • Slow motion is brilliant as it can be set up to 240 fps which when placed on a 25fps time line gives very credible slow motion, dripping tap shots and the like
  • Its small size makes it ideal for shooting in public places where you may not wish to attract attention e.g stock shots of high streets, the hustle and bustle of moving feet etc.
  • Brilliant of course for in vehicle shots, capturing both driver/passenger and road shots, and of course what is was designed for, action shots from bikes, skis, snowboards and such.
  • Always at hand. I recently filmed a brewery tour as a test sequence. Using a selfie stick as support I filmed the tour and also shots inside vats that I could not have got with a conventional camera whilst on a site walkthrough.                                                                                           https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=V2MHaS1QYG8

These are just a few applications, we are discovering more every day. There is still a small element of fish eye even on narrow view, it is more of an issue if filming people beside straight line, door frames etc but this can be corrected in post.

So that is why our third camera is a GOPRO. We do not have a large budget for kit and I am sure that larger companies would query our camera choices, but it works for us and the three cameras offer us now a greater flexibility on shoots and of course multi camera angle on single takes.

As always if we can be of help to you with your production then please get in touch on:

01384 374767

07815 933597




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