2013 the year so far

Voxvision Birthday Close up 1

2013 has started well for Voxvision Video Productions.

We have successfully completed a web commercial for BiOrganics showing the benefits of using their amazing Salon Secret Elixir. It was a great shoot completed in a top salon using a professional model and leading stylist Tim Scott Wright.

The shoot took the best part of a day and went very smoothly thanks to the client taking the time with our assitance to carefully script the video. The overall look as you can see from the video on youtube is good and this is because the client gave a lot of thought to dressing the set and co-ordinating colours.

Video Link: – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA–XLOGRKw

This month we are working with a volunteer group producing a video for their forthcoming awards ceremony and will be including a narrative voice over provided by Voxvision as well as ‘talking heads’ from service users and volunteers.

Later in the month we are producing a training video for a client for whom we have previously made 22 application videos. As we have worked together before they now find it easy to develop by themselves scripts in our simple standard format which makes the actual video shoot a stress free enjoyable process as both the client and Voxvision know exactly what is required on the day.

We are also currently assisting a local authority linked client to produce a script for an information video that will inform their clients of what to expect when attending panels.

So, a good year so far and looking forward to being able to help many more new clients to make videos that are useful business tools.

If you feel that we can be of service to you please give me a call so that we can discuss your requirements, we are here to help and do not pressure sell.

Bob Sanderson MM Inst.V., ALAM


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