Why Voxvision Video Productions chose the Panasonic AF101a


We thought long and hard before committing ourselves to a camera platform for our newley launched HD video service and finally decided upon the Panasonic AF101A.

The reasons for purchasing this camera which has been around now for some four years were as follows: –

1/ High quality HD, filming natively up to 1080/50P

2/ Capability to capture video onto external recorder at 50mbps 4.2.2 which is acceptable by the BBC for television recording.

3/ Variable frame rate for slow and fast motion filming.

4/ Built in ND filters

5/ A true professional camcorder with XLR sockets and 48V phantom power for pro mics

6/ The AF101a accepts a multitude of lenses

7/ Shallow depth of field.

There are many many other great features on this camera but the above were the main must haves on our shopping list. As voxvision shoot a variety of styles and subjects from corporate and educational video, show reels, health and safety and training films, A true camcorder suited our shooting style best as it’s flexibility and ease of use particularly with regard to good quality sound were essential to the way we work.

Some have said what about the emergence of 4K as this is not an option on this camera. Well we gave this consideration and decided that when and if we get a demand for this we can purchase the panasonic GH4 at a reasonable price and use the AF101a Lenses making it an economic addition to our video tool kit.

The BBC approved the AF101a a couple of years ago and as we have ambitions to make daytime TV and commercials in the future it seemed the obvious choice based upon our available budget. We have been busy shooting test video with this camera and are very pleased with our purchase which has confirmed the many great reviews that we read prior to making our decision.

The next purchase for us will probably be an Atmos Samurai recorder to enable us to record at 50MBPS 4.2.2 and then we can seriously consider getting in on the ground floor of TV commercials and day time TV programme making.

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How to produce a short corporate video show reel for the web

Most companies these days have or are considering a short show reel for their website, a video that will give a quick overview of their organisation. But what is the best way of setting about producing such a video.

The first consideration is it’s length. We always advise our clients that less is more, in so much as people will not watch a long video on the web unless it is instructional or informative. Our advice for a show reel is a video of around one minute in length. “But that’s not long enough to tell someone all about our company” I hear you say, but you will be suprised, with a well written voice over you can convey a lot of information in just one minute.

Start by writing an overview of your organisation in just 14 lines of text on an A4 sheet, that equates to around 200 words. this will give you a voice over of approximately one minute. Now take a sheet of A4 and in landscape view draw a line down the middle. Place your written text on the right hand side and on the left hand side of the centre line, write, in line with the appropriate sentences, visual images that you would like to use to illustrate  your message in video.

So having decided what you want to say about your company and what you want to show, now discuss the project with a video production company such as ‘Voxvision Video Productions Ltd’. We will look at your ideas, edit the text into a format suitable for reading as a voice over and then we will work out the appropriate shots for your visual images in terms of close up, mid shot, long shots, tracked dolly shots etc.

Remember that before the day of the shoot ‘TIDY UP’. What the camera sees is what your clients will see. Do you want them to see untidy desks, piles of rubbish etc. This vital step is often forgotten and takes up valuable time on the day of the shoot if not done before hand.

If you have taken the time to work all of this out on paper first, the actual shoot for a one minute video will not take long. If it is all to be shot at one location it should only take a couple of hours or so.

Once edited, the voice over performed and appropriate licence free background music added your video is almost ready. Dont forget about your company logo which you may want not only at the begining and the end but possibly in the top left hand corner throughout the video.

The logo will need to be supplied to the video production company as a high resolution (300 dpi) Portable Network Graphic File (PNG). This will enable it to be inserted in the video  with a transparent background i.e without a white box around it.

Now all you need is for the production company to supply it to you as a file appropriately compressed for youtube as this seems to be the method by which most web designers prefer to place it on your website. The youtube link can also be used to market your company or it’s products via social media such as facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Voxvision Video Productions will also assist you with the scripting if required as you will need to decide if the purpose of the video is to sell, inform, instruct or call to action and this should be reflected in your script.

We hope that this helps you get started on producing the right video for your website. If you would like to discuss your project further with us, then please give me a call on: – 01384 374767

Bob Sanderson M.M.Inst.V.,ALAM


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